Day 8…Feeling great

Day 8 is going well so far. Was very tired first thing, but perked up. Mood is good. Not anxious to speak of. No carb cravings! I gotta cut back on caffeine and artificially sweetened drinks. They are zero carb, but I believe causing at least some insulin response due to the cephalic insulin response.

Day 8: Porterhouse on the menu tonight!

Sleep8 hours with several awakenings
Energy 6-7/10
Anxiety 2/10
AM Weight
Breakfast 3 fried eggs, 4 sausages
Lunch3 salami and cheese rollups
4 hard boiled eggs
DinnerPorterhouse steak,
shrimp scampi
AlcoholNo alcohol
Caffeine5 diet sodas

Days 6 & 7 – No cravings

Day 6 was a lazy day for me. Watched sports. Spent time with family. Didn’t do much, but felt well overall. Fully adherent to the plan.

Day 7 has been good. I unfortunately slept poorly last night, but once I got up and running, I felt good. Mood is stable. Energy is fair to good. Anxiety is modest. I’ve noticed very minimal cravings. I was traveling in the car today and had to get some food from a convenience store. It was very easy to leave aside the carb laden sweets and stick with some cheese curds and meat sticks.

Home in the studio after a long day of travel

Here are the Day 7 stats…

Sleep8 hours with several awakenings
Energy 6-7/10
Anxiety 2/10
AM Weight
Breakfast 3 fried eggs, 4 strips of bacon
Lunch8 oz hamburger patty, bacon strips,
salad with blue cheese dressing
DinnerSupreme pizza toppings
SnacksSome cheese curds and beef sticks
AlcoholNo alcohol
Caffeine4 diet sodas

Day 5 – Kickin’ A… Takin N’s

Day 5 it is. I slept hard. I feel strong today. I did a bit of an intermittent fast. I ate last at 8 PM last night and didn’t eat until 11 AM today. 15 hours is VERY long for me. A joke I have made with family is that “I have to eat before I eat, so I don’t get hungry too soon after I eat.” So, skipping an early breakfast and waiting until 11 was somewhat of a substantial development for me. Mood has been overall good day, save for a bit of irritability. However, not feeling despondent and certainly not anxious or filled with doom. Physical energy has been strong. Oh yeah, an apparently I’ve lost 7 lbs in 5 days… so there’s that.

Day 5… with the Myspace angle

Day 5 stats are as follows…

Sleep7 hours with 2 awakenings (stayed up late)
Energy 6-7/10
Anxiety 2/10
AM Weight
BreakfastCoffee and cream
Lunch3 fried eggs, 4 oz leftover steak, 3 strips of bacon
Dinner2 6 oz burger patties, raw onions
Snacks3 ham and cheese rollups
Alcohol3 units bourbon
Caffeine3 diet sodas, 1 coffee

Day 4 – Piss and vinegar

It’s Day 4, and I’m starting to feel my fire come back. Still woke somewhat tired today, but sleep quality was better. Energy level, motivation, and overall optimism about life are starting to improve. No appreciable anxiety this morning either.

Day 4 at home

Day 4 stats are as follows:

Sleep8 hours with 2 awakenings
Energy 7/10
Anxiety 2/10
AM Weight
Breakfast3 eggs, cheese, 5 strips bacon
Lunch2 hard boiled eggs
sausage, cheese
DinnerSeafood bisque (keto)
Ribeye steak
Snacks3 cheese sticks
Alcohol2 units bourbon
Caffeine5 diet sodas

Day 3 – Feeling my oats this morning

Day 3 started off difficult. Woke up tired and irritable. I slept marginally well with one significant awakening. Energy, however, was good today throughout the day. No sugar cravings today to speak of.

Day 3 stats are as follows:

Alcohol2 units bourbon
CarbohydratesApprox 30
CaffeineSeveral cans of diet soda
MoodGenerally upbeat
AM Weight256 lbs

Day one…well one and two really

Today is January 2nd, and my first day of following a ketogenic lifestyle for physical and mental health.

January 1st included alcohol, carbohydrates, minimal activity, low mood, and general malaise.

My January 1st stats are as follows:

AlcoholSeveral mimosas
CarbohydratesToo many to measure
CaffeineSeveral cans of diet soda
AnxietyModerate to high
Weight257 lbs

January 2nd includes no alcohol, markedly decreased carbohydrate, increased activity, and improved mood.

My January 2nd stats are as follows:

Carbohydrates~50 grams
Caffeine5 cans of diet soda. 1 cup of coffee
MoodLow to mid level
EnergyLow – Moderate
Weight256 lbs

First Things First

Dr. Baldes, in the flesh (see my
for early progress

I am a board certified adult psychiatrist in practice in Duluth, Minnesota. I have been in clinical practice for about 10 years, focusing on treating patients with complex treatment-resistant illness and co-occurring disorders.

I have treated hundreds patients who have marginal response to medication treatments and who deal with chronic mood and anxiety problems as well as physical health problems. There is a growing body of evidence that systemic inflammation plays a large role in physical and mental health. Patients who have been able to adopt and adhere to a ketogenic lifestyle have achieved significant success where conventional treatments had been partially effective at best.

I have had my own challenges in life, struggling at various times with poor physical health, depression, anxiety, and unhealthy alcohol use. I take antidepressants and anxi-anxiety medications. I am moderately overweight. I have extensive family history of immune-mediated illness, and I have had manifestations of this at times in my life with recurrent rashes, random joint pains, and severe bouts of fatigue. I believe systemic inflammation plays a central role in all of my challenges and that a dietary approach to decrease inflammation will likely be globally beneficial for health.

This page exists for the primary purpose of chronicling my own progress and educating the public on the physical and mental health benefits of ketogenic eating plans. Wish me luck.