About Dr. Baldes

I am a board certified adult psychiatrist in practice in Duluth, Minnesota. I have been in clinical practice for about 10 years, focusing on treating patients with complex treatment-resistant illness and co-occurring disorders.

I have treated numerous patients who have marginal response to medication treatments and who deal with chronic mood and anxiety problems as well as physical health problems. There is a growing body of evidence that systemic inflammation plays a large role in physical and mental health. Patients who have been able to adopt and adhere to a ketogenic lifestyle have achieved significant success where conventional treatments had been partially effective at best.

I have had my own challenges in life, struggling at various times with poor physical health, depression, anxiety, and unhealthy alcohol use. I take antidepressants and anxi-anxiety medications. I am moderately overweight.

This page exists for the primary purpose of chronicling my own progress and educating the public on the physical and mental health benefits of ketogenic eating plans.