Day 5 – Kickin’ A… Takin N’s

Day 5 it is. I slept hard. I feel strong today. I did a bit of an intermittent fast. I ate last at 8 PM last night and didn’t eat until 11 AM today. 15 hours is VERY long for me. A joke I have made with family is that “I have to eat before I eat, so I don’t get hungry too soon after I eat.” So, skipping an early breakfast and waiting until 11 was somewhat of a substantial development for me. Mood has been overall good day, save for a bit of irritability. However, not feeling despondent and certainly not anxious or filled with doom. Physical energy has been strong. Oh yeah, an apparently I’ve lost 7 lbs in 5 days… so there’s that.

Day 5… with the Myspace angle

Day 5 stats are as follows…

Sleep7 hours with 2 awakenings (stayed up late)
Energy 6-7/10
Anxiety 2/10
AM Weight
BreakfastCoffee and cream
Lunch3 fried eggs, 4 oz leftover steak, 3 strips of bacon
Dinner2 6 oz burger patties, raw onions
Snacks3 ham and cheese rollups
Alcohol3 units bourbon
Caffeine3 diet sodas, 1 coffee

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