Day one…well one and two really

Today is January 2nd, and my first day of following a ketogenic lifestyle for physical and mental health.

January 1st included alcohol, carbohydrates, minimal activity, low mood, and general malaise.

My January 1st stats are as follows:

AlcoholSeveral mimosas
CarbohydratesToo many to measure
CaffeineSeveral cans of diet soda
AnxietyModerate to high
Weight257 lbs

January 2nd includes no alcohol, markedly decreased carbohydrate, increased activity, and improved mood.

My January 2nd stats are as follows:

Carbohydrates~50 grams
Caffeine5 cans of diet soda. 1 cup of coffee
MoodLow to mid level
EnergyLow – Moderate
Weight256 lbs

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